Gun Vault Tools

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Log and track your gun training! Useful range tools and drills! Save & email your gun list, license list, and range logs! Track costs and ammo usage!

This app has the tools you need to safely & efficiently train and practice your firearm technique, all in one place. Carrying a firearm or keeping one at home for family protection is a great responsibility. Whether you have a CCW license, live in a Constitutional Carry State, or just keep one at home to protect your family’s residence, it is incumbent upon you to frequently train and be familiar with your firearm(s). It makes sense to track your range usage, not only for your own knowledge, but as evidence if ever involved in a self-defense scenario.

It is also helpful for an easy one-stop-location to track your firearms (including cost, serial #, and date of purchase) and your Conceal Carry licenses. You can match up your firearms to the range sessions, and track the number of rounds fired. You also can set up early warnings for when your CCW license(s) are about to expire or have expired.

  • Dashboard – Quick statistics about your Range Trips, Licenses, and Firearms.
  • Shot Timer – Logs your shots fired from buzzer to last shot. Can set a delay for solo practice. Can also be set to time shots in dry fire practice.
  • Buzzer – Can set to a random delay for solo practice and dry fire practice.
  • Random target buzzer – Fully configurable. Can be set to call out random targets at random intervals for Figure 8 and other drills that need an element of surprise.
  • Range Log – Track your range sessions, including firearms used, rounds fired, location, date, time spent, and more. Save the address, GPS and picture of the range.
  • Firearm Log – Track your firearm purchases, serial #, date purchased, price paid, rounds fired, and pictures. Keep this useful data in one place if the firearms are ever lost or stolen.
  • License Log – Track your CCW Licenses, date acquired, date expiring, license number, picture, and other notes. Provides warning on homepage of licenses that are near expiration and ones that have expired.
  • Dry Fire Drills – Instructions and information on various dry-fire drills (including random drill selector).
  • Live Fire Drills – Detailed instructions, tips, and pictures of several popular target drills. Includes random drill selector if you want to rotate your drills of the day.
  • Gun Safety – Basic tips to remember from trusted organizations.
  • Security – App can be locked to your password.
  • More coming soon – This app includes future updates (with more tools, drills, and exiting features) for free. No subscription fee or ongoing charge.

Disclaimer: Gun safety is a paramount concern for any shooter. Only use a firearm if you are an experienced shooter, or under the direct supervision of an experienced shooter. There is no substitute for following safe gun handling and target shooting techniques at all time.

This app does not teach technique and is not intended as a substitute for good firearms training. It provides basic instructions on several common drills and techniques on an educational basis. However, you should seek out training from a qualified instructor to learn the details of any technique or series of practice.

Any firearm should be shot only in a safe and legal location. Be aware of state and local laws on both firearm transportation and use. This application provides no information regarding the very complex gun laws which vary by state and community. If interested in the law, please view the CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State app.

By downloading or using this app, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for abiding by all laws and safe gun handling practices, you voluntarily accept all disclaimers, and you agree to hold the app authors and owners harmless and without liability from any losses, expenses, claims, and damages of any nature. The authors and owners of this application (including Workman Consulting LLC) hereby disclaim all responsibility and liability for this application, its content, and its use.

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