CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State Guide

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This application is about empowering the CCW (concealed or open carry permit) holder (or anyone who wishes to lawfully transport a firearm in any state.) It gives you the direct information that you need to follow the maze of arcane, complicated, and dissimilar gun laws in each state and in each situation. It provides all this information with an easy-to-use User Interface. Laws updated monthly or more frequently!

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UNIQUE: This application comes with a convenient map, useful in planning a trip. Choose (and save) your current permit or permits (both Resident and Non-Resident) to see which states recognize YOUR permits. Shows a map + list of States in which YOU can legally carry. See, at a glance, states in which to plan your next vacation or interstate-travel to avoid locations where you cannot carry. Type in & save details and notes for each permit.

This application puts all the power in your hands. You can easily access and review the relevant firearm laws and gun prohibitions for every state. This app shows you the actual gun laws, so you do not have to rely on someone else’s interpretation. Find the prohibited locations, transportation rules, permit process, and more for every state! Also provides direct links to the laws themselves, so you can research any open questions. It includes the pertinent federal laws. For specific locations (such as restaurants serving alcohol), see the quick allowed status, as well as click for details and laws. Also includes “duty to notify” laws for each state (when available) for contact with a police officer, such as a traffic stop. The key information does not require internet connection; it’s located right on your phone!
The app now includes updates to the firearm laws without having to download a new version. Every time the app is updated with new or modified laws, it will prompt you to download the latest (usually takes only a few seconds). These changes stay with the app, and are available offline once downloaded! All information within the app (except “nearby location search”) is stored locally on your device, and can be used whether or not you have internet access.

  • Review information direct from the state governments and law enforcement authorities: State Statutes for each state, Direct Reciprocity Information, CCW Application forms, State FAQs, and more. This compiled list of “best” links lets you directly see the details.
  • Interactive state maps show any scenario: All the states recognizing a specific permit, all the permits that a specific state allows, state map of type of permit available, map of states recognizing your permits. Click on any state to see the details for that state!
  • Find and contact (one touch dialing, mapping to office, email, and URL) local authorities in each state.
  • Find local points of interest, anywhere in the country! (training, ranges, gun shops, repair)
  • Automatically pull up the laws for your current state location based on GPS.
  • Ability to customize and save your preferences (background pictures on or off, map display preference, etc…). Save your list of permits, for easy recognition. Allows you to store your permit number, expiration and notes as well.
  • This application is ad-free. No annoying advertisements or messages.

Disclaimer: This application attempts to provide information on the most recent and relevant laws and statues, as well as up-to-date information on areas allowed or prohibited to carry. However, laws can change or be omitted, and many rules and reciprocity decisions are reliant on AG and other state opinions. The authors imply no warranty regarding the accuracy or applicability of the information contained within, and linked to from, the CCW application. This application makes no representation regarding the ability to legally carry in any locale or situation and does not constitute legal advice. This application only provides text of the laws for you to review for educational purposes, and does not take the place of legal counsel. By downloading or using this app, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for abiding by all laws and rulings, you voluntarily accept all disclaimers, and you agree to hold the CCW app authors and owners harmless and without liability from any losses, expenses, claims, and damages of any nature. The authors and owners of this application (including Workman Consulting LLC) hereby disclaim all responsibility and liability for this application, its content, and its use.
When transporting a firearm or carrying (either concealed or open) into any area or state, it is your duty to contact local law enforcement or legal counsel regarding any questions. This app is not affiliated with government agencies, but provides the information from each state legislature’s official websites. This application does have links and contact information of both relevant state offices and local attorneys in every state.

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