eAlarm – Elk Control Panel

iPhone / iPad

Simple control for your Elk M1 Gold or EZ8 alarm system (also works on Ness)!

  • Control your alarm from anywhere in the world with your iPhone or iPad.
  • See alarm status and armed status directly from your phone.
  • See status of each zone, updated in real-time.
  • See current temperature in your house (from any probes or keypads enabled)
  • Enable or disable your alarm on the fly!
  • App uses keychain security to safely store your password and/or user code
  • Simple setup on the app. Just add your IP address / hostname, Username and User Code from your alarm system.
  • See Status notes of past / current actions to the alarm.

Disclaimer: This application opens an interface to your Elk or Ness alarm system. It requires that you configure both your alarm system and the app properly for full communication. This setup can be complex, and it is recommended that you have your alarm set up by a professional. Even when set up correctly, many factors can result in loss of or intermittent communication. The makers of this app are not affiliated with Elk or Ness, and this app is not backed by those companies. By downloading this application, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your safety and the status of your home, you voluntarily accept all disclaimers, and you agree to hold the application authors and owners, including Workman Consulting LLC harmless and without liability from any losses, expenses, claims and damages of any nature. The authors, owners and developers of this application hereby disclaim all responsibility and liability for this application, its content and its use.

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