Easy Retirement Calculator


Do you know if you can retire early? Do you know if your current savings plans are enough? Do you need to put more money into your 401k each year?

This Easy Retirement Calculator keeps it simple for easy high-level planning and comparing different scenarios. (How much more would you have at retirement if you increase your savings, or if your investments make higher interest?)
This application is about giving you the tools you need to estimate your retirement years. The calculator lists the assumptions on the front page, and lets you pick your own options
This retirement calculator takes inflation fully into account. Many similar calculators ignore inflation. Even assuming a modest inflation rate of 3%, $100 today will only have the purchasing power of $55, 20 years from now. It is extremely important to take inflation into account when planning for retirement.
This app lets you make all the decisions:

  • Choose your current age and age of planned retirement
  • Choose the rate of inflation (defaulted to the standard 3%)
  • Choose the rate of return on your investments. You are able to calculate different rates of return on different investments, if desired.
  • Choose your current Savings and 401k balances
  • Choose how much you plan to add to your savings accounts each year. This will be automatically indexed to the rate of inflation.
  • Choose your life expectancy age or “end of retirement” date to see how much you would be able to spend each year of retirement OR
  • Choose the spending amount you need to maintain your desired standard of living, and see how many years your nest egg would last. This application lets YOU make the choices regarding inflation and rate of return / interest rate. A small change in these rates can have a drastic effect on projected income. With this app, YOU get to make that choice. All rates are defaulted at startup to fairly standard rates.

Includes ability to save searches for comparison and later review

This application is Ad-free. It does not try to sell you financial services, or attempt to persuade you to invest in any particular stocks or bonds.

Disclaimer: This application is a calculator using your input and assumptions. It does not provide financial advice. Please contact a licensed financial planner for specific retirement advice.

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